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For several years I’ve been photographing payphones. As sometimes happens with a documentary filmmaker, what started as a simple hobby evolved into a full-blown project. But rather than organizing my material into a traditional linear story, Instagram has become the medium for this ongoing exploration of the rapidly disappearing public phone in Los Angeles. Unless noted, all photos and videos are shot by myself on my Pixel 2/3 smart phone – adding a deliciously ironic subtext to the entire project.
El Rincon Tolteca has chilaquiles con asada, cemita, and a non-functioning payphone.
3100 N Eastern Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Just a phone.
4617 Huntington Dr N
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Another phone that looks to be missing his former companions... 7311 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Remembering those who have fallen, this Memorial Day 2020.
1611 N Vermont Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027
Another phone with a personal connection. This drab post stands in front of a #drivethru #altadenadairy I would visit about once a year when my dad would bring me along to have his taxes done by Ron van Bibber (why ...
"Alex"95 provides an excellent clue as to when this unit was installed, or at least when the foundation was redone. Also, and I don't exactly know why, but this is one of the saddest payphones I've seen in a while. ...
4844 Huntington Dr S
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Pretty in pink.
4812 Huntington Dr S, Los Angeles, CA 90032
So close together, how does it make sense to even install two payphones?
10924 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Well, I was too late, but @google #streetview caught this specimen during its glory days. Those gas meters tho!! 👍
5117 Huntington Dr N, Los Angeles, CA 90032
4855 Huntington Dr N #1939
Los Angeles, CA 90032
So this is a pretty weird one... Only after looking up the location of this payphone on @googlemaps did I discover that it used to have a twin that flanked the other side of the entrance to Station Food - ...
9406 Flower St, Bellflower, CA 90706
Something's missing from this picture... Actually, two things are missing from this picture, and based on context clues (i.e. the layers of paint on the wall in Pic 2) it looks as if two Payphones have been removed at separate ...
I feel empty inside.
17845 Clark Ave
Bellflower, CA 90706

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