Commercials Comedy

NEFT Vodka "Behind the Scenes"
Zócalo Public Square "What it Means to Be American"
ItsCalledWetShaving "Heirloom"
Plantronics "Phablet"
Plantronics "Airport"
Doritos "Showdown"
Torani "Sugar Free"
Plantronics "Get Moving"
Plantronics "Smarter Working"

Documentaries Lifestyle

The Hollywood Shorties "Motion Picture Trailer"
@payphonesoflosangeles x @screwyblooms "INSTA MICRO DOC"
H. Lazar's Billy Barty "Short Documentary"
Circle The Wagen "Motion Picture Trailer"
Two Left El Dorado "Short Documentary"



The Hollywood Shorties "AMI @ SXSW"
Circle the Wagen "Capo VW Interview"