Commercials Comedy

It turns out directing documentaries about moustaches and dwarf basketball doesn’t exactly “pay the bills”, “make ends meet”, “feed the monkey”. That’s why God invented advertising, so that documentarians could afford to buy new underwear. This selection of mostly internet ads demonstrates my directorial sensibilities as applied to selling other people’s products.
  • Doritos"Showdown"
  • Torani"Sugar Free"
  • Mattel"Hot Wheels TechMods"
  • NEFT Vodka"Behind the Scenes"
  • NBPA"Father’s Day Message from Iman Shumpert"
  • Zócalo Public Square"What it Means to Be American"
  • FanDuel"Today We FanDuel"
  • ItsCalledWetShaving"Heirloom"
  • Plantronics"Phablet"
  • Plantronics"Airport"