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From the earliest days of my filmmaking career I have gravitated to non-fiction, even emphasizing the genre within my Cinema-Television major at USC. Each of the films below saw me wearing numerous hats – writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor, financier – but the most important one was The One Without Whom This Film Doesn’t Happen. This is some radically hand-made sh*t.
  • The Hollywood Shorties"Motion Picture Trailer"
  • @payphonesoflosangeles x @screwyblooms"INSTA MICRO DOC"
  • H. Lazar's Billy Barty"Short Documentary"
  • Circle The Wagen"Motion Picture Trailer"
  • BtULaNP"Short Film Trailer"
  • Two Left El Dorado"Short Documentary"
  • Beverages"Short Documentary"